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Sneak Peek: Special Environments
almost 2 years ago – Sun, Jul 31, 2022 at 06:23:35 AM

Hello Aethernauts,

OK, I'm settling back into my office. It's quite a different environment than I'd gotten used to over the past few days. It's... well, it's kinda messy. While I perform a long overdue cleaning of this space, let's take a look at some other environments that you may encounter in the game!

Special Environments

Whether seeking fame and fortune, advancing the causes of empire, or simply fulfilling a gentleman’s wager, Squires, Gogs, and Magogs are sure to find themselves far afield in strange and unfamiliar lands. Locations don’t have to be relegated to mere background scenery. Storyguides can use them to heighten drama and challenge the Aethernauts. Presented here are but a few of the special environments that may be visited while exploring the Aether.

Ancient Ruins

You make your way over the crumbling remains of what once was a wall into the temple’s center courtyard. Legends tell of an artifact with mastery over time itself, and there it is, surrounded by a dozen Martian cultists.

Riches beyond imagination, mystical artifacts, and a wealth of knowledge about the past are all ripe for the taking in the remains of long-dead civilizations. They come at a cost, though. Time and those ancient peoples themselves make such sites dangerous to explore. Age takes its toll on any structure not actively maintained. Ruins are in constant danger of collapse, while the builders took measures to ensure their secrets could not be easily plundered.

Untrained individuals suffer a +1 Complication to all physical activities within the ruins due to instability of the structures. Additionally, traps might inflict an Injury Condition on the unwary or, in extreme circumstances, the explorer may receive a Cursed Condition creating whatever Complication the Storyguide deems appropriate until the character makes amends.

Arctic Ice

Brilliant colors dance in the sky and glisten off the ice crystals as far as the eye can see, but you scarcely notice the beauty surrounding you. Only a handful of your crew remain on the icebreaker, and the thing that took the rest still hides out there in the ice and snow.

The arctic is a freezing, inhospitable environment — one that should only be dared by the brave and prepared. Exposure for even a moment can lead to frostbite and hypothermia. On the surface, it’s more barren and lifeless than even the hottest desert. No plants grow there, and all the potable water is locked away as impenetrable ice. Daylight lasts for months at a time, and so does the black of night. What creatures that do live here are wild hunters, like polar bears and sea lions.

Characters in the arctic suffer from Antarctic Cold (Trinity Continuum Core, p. 111). They also receive a +1 Complication as they must remain guarded. Failure to overcome it results in a Hunted Condition. The character becomes prey for the nearest apex predator.

Depths of Hollow Earth

There it is — a live stegosaurus in its natural habitat! You furiously begin scribbling notes in your field journal when your concentration is shattered by a T-rex bursting from the foliage in search of its next meal.

Expeditions deep below the Earth’s surface encounter all manner of exotic flora and fauna. Species long extinct above ground find hidden refuge in the depths of Hollow Earth. Even strange, seemingly alien life that never spread to the surface can be found underground. While humanity has undisputed dominion of the above world, below ground they are merely interlopers.

Aethernauts who dare to venture to the center of the Earth suffer from a +2 Complication as they’re constantly distracted by the wonders surrounding them or harassed by biting insects and suffer skin irritations from plant barbs. Failure to buy off the Complication lands them in a dinosaur nest with protective parents or earns them the attention of a building-sized gorilla.

Erupting Volcano

Exploding rock whizzes by your head as poisonous gas burns your lungs. Just ahead is the creature you created dangling your husband above a river of molten lava.

The ground shakes, steam hisses, acrid sulfur fills the air, and molten lava flows forth — an erupting volcano is the closest environment possible to Hell on Earth. Those unlucky enough to find themselves trapped on a volcano when it explodes are lucky to just survive, let alone walk away unscathed. Rock slides are an ever-present danger, as are the deadly gasses released from the Earth’s bowels — and all that assumes the character is able to withstand the searing heat.

Chaos and danger are omnipresent, resulting in Complicated Terrain with a +1 to 3 Complication. Failure to overcome it inflicts an Injury Condition reflecting burns or flying debris. Additionally, fast moving lava incinerates anything it touches. Minor Characters are killed instantly. Other characters suffer a +5 Complication for three rounds to stave off an Injury Condition with the Aggravated tag.

Martian Canal

Your heart races as you speed across the blood-red water with the package in tow — the Martian tripods are close behind and gaining fast. You pray this contraption from Her Majesty’s Royal Service is fast enough to get to the Aether Gate before they do.

Mars is one of the jewels of the night sky. Its beauty from Earth belies the terror that awaits on its surface. Despite all of humanity’s advances in steam power and harnessing the Aether, Martian technology outpaces that of Earthlings, and they wield that technological might with one goal in mind — the eradication of humanity. The Aether Gates are closed for safety’s sake, but some prizes that only exist on the Red Planet are worth the risk.

The myriad of canals that crisscross the planet are the fastest way to travel its surface. They also offer more cover than the dusty open plains, especially if the Aethernaut brings a contraption allowing her to remain beneath the water. Characters suffer a +2 Complication to avoid Martian detection. Failure to buy it off results in a Chased or Captured Condition, depending on the circumstances.

Twisted Scientist’s Laboratory

Lightning flashes overhead as you desperately fumble with the controls. If that capacitor gets fully infused with Aether, you and everyone in the city will transform into shambling monstrosities.

Arcane machines line the wall while flasks bubble on the table. A laboratory is normally a clean, orderly affair where people of science meticulously record their observations. Sometimes, though, an inventor gets carried away — so wrapped up in the question of “can I?” that he never contemplates “should I?” The end goal is all that matters, consequences be damned. Even if it results in an abomination before God and nature, the act of creation is all that matters. Woe be to anyone who dares attempt to halt this march of progress.

Characters attempting to navigate a twisted scientist’s laboratory suffer a +2 Complication to do so safely. Failure to buy it off results in an Injury Condition as they get zapped by electricity, splashed by acid, or bitten by some horrible creation.

Under the Sea

The Aether-powered submersible hums quietly as the inky black depths slowly engulf you and your crew. It’s no matter. Even if you must descend all the way to hell itself, you will find the kraken that took your ship, and with it, your love.

The ocean’s depths hold many secrets, from treasure-laden sunken ships to the fabled lost city of Atlantis. It also holds just as much peril. Sharks, kraken, and other beasts unseen by humankind stalk the waters while the pressure on the ocean’s floor can crush even the sturdiest contraption built at the surface — and that’s assuming the would-be diver has a way to breathe underwater.

With no air or light, the deep is the place on Earth most inimical to human life. As long as the Aethernaut is in a dive suit or has some other means of surviving beneath the waves, he only has a +1 Complication attempting to navigate. Failure to buy it off ensures a run-in with one of the many dangers lurking in the ocean. Without a way to breathe, the character suffers from Drowning (Trinity Continuum Core, p. 111).

Vampire’s Castle

You creep down the hallway — someone needs to end this monster before another exsanguinated body appears — and shudder passing by gargoyles lining the walls. You can’t shake the feeling that you’re being watched. That’s when you notice they’re all facing you.

The vampire’s castle seems perpetually shrouded in night. The shadows fall long, and everything within is held in an icy grip of death. Mystical artifacts hum with blasphemous power. It crawls with the servants of its undead master. Be they ghouls, gargoyles, or familiars, each dedicates itself to the unholy sanctity of the lair. The only mortals who dare trespass upon the castle grounds are either exceptionally brave or stupid.

Aethernauts foolhardy enough to enter a vampire’s castle suffer a +2 Complication to avoid discovery by the castle’s inhabitants. If spotted, a former hunter becomes prey to the evil within. She gains the Hunted Condition as the castle’s guardians attempt to eliminate her. Should she evade them, the vampire master will deal with the intrusion itself.

Super Science

Humanity soars on the wings of science in the Aether Age. Travel times across vast oceans and sprawling contents are measured in mere days, and telegraphs send messages even faster. Locomotives tie distant lands together just as the latest sea vessels make short work of old trade routes. Even warfare is transformed in this modern age with the gatling gun allowing but a single person to create a river of blood. The mighty engines of industry reshape the land and spew black soot while producing wonders unimaginable at any other time in history. Steam is the fuel that propelled progress so far, but Nikola Tesla’s discovery of Aether promises an even greater revolution for the scientists willing to unlock its secrets. For now, this Aetheric Science is only in the hands of Aethernauts, but with the Martian invasion, it dangles from a precipice over the hands of the unenlightened masses. How long before they too have access to such power?

Scientific Practices

In Aether, there are three major scientific practices: Advanced Science, Aetheric Science, and Mystical Practices.

Advanced Science is the rule of the day. It’s responsible for the many steam-powered contraptions that are now commonplace modern conveyances: trains, steamships, and balloons. Its advances aren’t limited to hardware. Selective breeding of livestock also falls under the purview of Advanced Science.

Aetheric Science is only in its infancy, but already it produces fanciful contraptions once relegated to fiction — submersibles that explore the mysteries undiscovered beneath the waves and grand dirigibles that ply the skies the same way sailing ships travel the seas. Dread whispers also tell tales of Aether’s ability to even bestow life on dead flesh. The ranks of the scientific elite keep Aetheric Science from the general population.

Finally, Mystical Practices are not new to the world but are just beginning to gain acceptance in the halls of academia. They’re responsible such phenomena as tarot decks that foretell the future, channeling the voices of the dead, and even a painting that ages instead of its owner. Practitioners of Advanced and Aetheric Sciences scoff at such things as mere superstition, but none who witness such workings can deny their potency.

Anyone’s capable of Advanced Science, but Aetheric Science and Mystical Practices may only be used by Inspired individuals. One must be able to touch the Aether to manipulate it. Advanced Science works as described in the Trinity Continuum Core (p. 90). Aetheric Science and Mystical Practices are both variations on Inspired Science and function the same as the Trinity Continuum Core instructs with their exceptions outlined below.

Enhance or Invent

Before beginning her work, a scientist must decide if she wishes to enhance an existing Artifact or invent a whole new contraption from scratch. If she plans to enhance a device that’s already built, she has a head start on her design. All the basic research is done, the design drafted, and the contraption tested to insure it functions as well in practice as it does in theory. All the scientist needs to do is graft her modification onto the original. That’s not to say she doesn’t have her work cut out for her. She still must procure the base device, work out how her plans integrate with the whole, and make sure her modifications don’t cause some other part of the Artifact to malfunction.

To begin the enhancement process, the scientist requires additional Wealth equal to the cost of the foundational item. This grants her a template to build from. Her creation starts with any initial Tags and the Scale from the device she’s enhancing, except for any that provide general Enhancement. When determining the time between Milestones (Trinity Continuum Core, p. 93-95), the project’s Rank is considered two lower than it would be otherwise, with a minimum Rank of one.

New inventions that have never graced human hands take significantly longer to bring to fruition. The research and planning required to bring something wholly new into the world is significant. The rewards for the extra effort can be worth it, though. These inventions don’t require an initial investment of Wealth, and they may trade Edges to make more Tags available on a one-to-one point basis.

In either case, the creator may reduce the item’s Enhancements to provide additional Tags.

Aetheric Contraptions

Aetheric Contraptions are the product of Aetheric Science. They utilize Aether to go beyond what’s possible using only steam and mundane mechanics. These contraptions open vast swaths of the world to exploration that were previously cut off from humankind. They put the bottom of the ocean within reach, provide access to the center of the Earth, allow people to take to the skies, and even provide access to alien worlds through the Aether Gates. Captain Nemo’s famed submersible is an example of an Aetheric Contraption, as are the imperial dirigibles laden with foreign treasure and crafts helmed by sky pirates that prey upon them. Aetheric Contraptions need not be of such grandiose design. They could be as practical as a device that detects changes in Aether’s harmonics as an underground vein of coal disturbs them.

Aetheric Science follows the rules laid out in the Trinity Continuum Core for Inspired Science (p. 90) almost exactly. The distinguishing feature is that Aetheric Contraption flaws and drawbacks are always physical in some manner. When they malfunction or go haywire, they only threaten material harm or bodily injury.

Alright, settling back in!

As we close out July, we'll take this sneak peek to excite us for the next manuscript download coming on Tuesday - the Rules of Aether chapter. And then on Friday, we'll have the Aetheric Gifts chapter! That's gonna be amazing - I'll see if I can sneak in a preview before Friday.

This Thursday is also the start of GenCon. While the Onyx Path crew may not be there in person, they are participating in some of the GenCon Online panels, and I'll share more info about when and where you can find those in a few days!

In the meantime, grab your Aether devices and let's plan our trip to Mars!


Aether Serial Fiction III and IV
almost 2 years ago – Sat, Jul 30, 2022 at 05:01:02 AM

Trinity Continuum: Aether Serial Part III and IV, by Matthew Dawkins


I must admit to a certain schadenfreude. Don’t mistake me, I had no desire to see London burn, or for innocents to lose their lives, but Jonathan, is this not what we’ve been telling them for years? There are monsters among us! Should it have come as such a shock that Martians are prepared to sweep their heat rays through you like a farmer scythes the wheat?

I write entirely to myself. These questions are not meant to have answers.

Aether has, for close to two decades, warped the bodies and minds of its users. Only those truly possessed of iron spirit can resist its corruptive effects. And that’s just the recent Squires who style themselves entrepreneurs and pioneers. God, they make me laugh. If I were to run nude through the Congo rainforest to test the lethality of the thorns, leaves, bites, and stings of everything brushing by, would that not make me a fool? And yet, say that you’re “spinning Aether” and suddenly it’s quite the done thing to inject this serum, drink this tonic, or crank up that machine. They care only for the positive consequences of their actions; rarely do they give mind to the negative!

Jonathan, I am of course a hypocrite. I’ve experimented with that green energy. Such a verdant hue its devices and medicines give off, like a vitality too rich to be natural. But my cause is in opposition to the monsters of this world; the immortals, the Magogs, the villains who would use Aether to exert dominance over the innocent and the weak. I know how much to use, and I allow it to affect my actions, not my form or mind. I don’t seek to emulate the false gods among the Aethernaut societies. I will only ever use Aether as a tool and a weapon.

Which is why when I heard of the attack on London, I summoned a gathering of the S.O.M. in Exeter, and from there we ventured to the country’s capital. If we can eliminate lycanthropes and what the other academics call “sanguinovores” (they’re vampires, and our attempts to render them mundane through biological nomenclature only makes us vulnerable to their threat!), we can take the fight to the Martians.

The Attack on London, by Henrique Alvim Corrêa

When we arrived, of course, the city was in complete disarray. London hadn’t fallen, not quite, but people were scared, those creatures in their colossal tripods stalked streets once bustling with civilians, and the military had scarcely a hope against them. We watched and, I must admit, were afeared when we first saw the heat ray blast a dozen souls to cinders. It could so easily have been us in that terrible inferno.

We took to studying the creatures. We found secure buildings, cellars, and used the underground to communicate with each other. You cannot kill a monster without first identifying its weakness. The presence of Edison’s Unwinders was a constant reminder that we must keep our Aether use secret from the ignorant populace and try to drive back the invaders without revealing ourselves as threats.

I recall when we first observed a Martian in its tripodal carapace, and L—— d—G—— laughed, pointing at the bulbous, boss-eyed appearance of the thing. Rule no. 1 of the S.O.M. is never underestimate the enemy. L—— did exactly that. He assumed the thing had poor eyesight or was at least comical based on its appearance. Yes, some of us tittered as the thing’s eyes rolled askew, like those of a chameleon, but that’s when Godalming lowered his telescope and told us the truth.

Those weren’t eyes; they were people trapped in the interior of this thing. What we hadn’t observed as yet was the claw this device could utilize to snatch up fleeing civilians and drop them within its hull. Of course, the purpose of their capture of humans was an unknown at this time. Some came to believe they were hunting for Aethernauts, which may have a grain of truth, but it was the S.O.M. who found the first pit of corpses weeks later.

When we discovered the purpose, I felt more comfortable attaching the “sanguinovore” epithet to Martians.

Martians over the Channel, by Henrique Alvim Corrêa

The S.O.M. did God’s work in London. I felt for Paris, in truth, as there were many of us Aethernauts in Britain, the cradle of empire, and all but the worst of us flocked to study, plan, and attack the Martians. In France? So near, yet so far. Who was willing to take to the sea when the Martians had formed a wall of tripods, like the colossus, but writ three-score times across the English Channel? Paris had its defenders, but they were few compared to London, and so the city bled.

Where we excelled in London was information gathering. We shared our findings with each of our partner societies, excluding the rogue ones, and together a battlegroup was formed based on the tactics and strategies the S.O.M. formed through much sacrifice.

You see, Jonathan, the only way for us to discover the cracks in the Martian armor was to get up close. We could, and we did, learn much from distant study, from using Aether to affect our visibility, and from interrogating those who had been caught in the Martian path. The most valuable information, however, was only obtainable if we were prepared to climb the legs of these beasts, follow them back to their lairs, and risk our lives for just a crumb of data.

I mentioned earlier an iron spirit. Every member of the S.O.M. has one. You don’t do battle with Dracula’s children without it. It was the iron spirit that galvanized us, gave us strength, and allowed us to lead the vanguard as once again we bore weapons, from custom guns to sharpened stakes, and good Lord, we had our share of pointed sticks brandished that day.

The Martians take a Victim, by Warwick Goble

Jonathan, I like to think our sacrifice inspired others. I cannot claim the first battle won the war, or even pushed the Martians back a mile, but I believe in my still-human heart that had we not been there, hiding under the rubble and among the red weeds to acquire the intelligence we needed, and had we not been there to lead the charge against the Martians, our tale would be much shorter.

Long live the Society for the Opposition of Monsters, and death to every monster that blights this world. May you find rest and eternal glory for everything you lost, my dear Jonathan.

I miss you.

From The Diaries of Wilhelmina Harker



Hilda, this is a wonderful record, but please remove the words noted and replace them as specified. —T.A.E.

It’s wonderful to see such a bright and interested audience! Thank you, thank you for coming to my lecture today, you elite few. I must sadly point out there have been multiple people caught sneaking into my presentations, so know that if you haven’t been approved and paid the fee for the ticket, you will be found, and you’ll be treated accordingly. Therefore, if you’re a dastardly type who thinks they can learn from me for free, please exit via the main doors and no harm will come to you.

Wonderful. Let’s begin.

The Martian Conundrum. I often hear the words “how could we have been so blind for so long?” and “why didn’t you help more people?” My friends, those questions always make me smile. Blindness is a virtue. Deafness doubly so. I am glad people didn’t know about the Martians before their invasion. I am relieved they lacked the wherewithal to defend themselves! Oh, I hear grumbles. Discontent. That’s perfectly understandable, yes indeed, but note that I do not say “I’m glad thousands died!” That would be monstrous.

The Cost of Battle, by Henrique Alvim Corrêa

No, ignorance was a virtue in this case. For the Martians were and are — for we shouldn’t consider them gone but merely regrouping — just as tied to Aether as those of you in this room. They came here for Aether. They wanted it.

Ah, the big secret: Aether. It makes one feel rich to know it, no? Imagine if everyone knew that secret. Imagine if everyone had access to it. Imagine if everyone could change their face, shape, sex, and shoot electricity from their eyes! Farcical. The swarming masses do not need this power. They are not equipped to use this power. And I’m damned sure they could never understand this power!

And yet we hear from our so-called peers among the students, the pact, the order, that a better-armed population is a safer population. Imagine, if you will, the Martian invasion at a time where everyone uses Aether! Cities would be demolished, millions would die, and the Martians wouldn’t have to lift a tendril to make it so. Panic would be the cause, because without discipline, Aether spinning is a form of primitive panic. Man makes spark, man builds fire, man gets scared, man burns down jungle.

Let’s keep the fire to the people who can afford to know how to use it, shall we? The quickly multiplying human race can do without the means to destroy itself.

Yes, I say it’s better the Martians invaded an unknowing world where we were the best placed individuals to undo the damage they wrought. Our primary affairs are unwinding damage, time, and other effects idiots among Tesla’s sycophants can’t foresee. Allow me to point you to Dunwich, raised from the sea as a result of our unwinding efforts! Expecting the unenlightened to manage such a feat is like expecting a marsupial to play the harpsichord!

I thought that would make you laugh. I’m glad it did. Let’s talk again about the Martian invasion, focusing on New York.

When the Martians hit Manhattan our first action was to assist in the evacuation of the island. We assisted those we could onto boats and across the bridges, but we were doing so with a plan. We wanted people safe of course, but we also wanted them to remain in the darkness of sweet ignorance. This was more easily achieved with them far away while many of our experts went to work, making notes of the people the Martians were scooping up, dragging away for experiments, and choosing to spare when they could easily blast them to nothingness. We found that common thread again: Aether. How could we in good conscience go to the American public and say, “the Martians are invading because of our devilish experiments?” They would rightly turn on us, even where our values are noble.

The Broken Banks of the Hudson, by Henrique Alvim Corrêa

No, ignorance is always better.

As soon as the main body of people were evacuated or in hiding, members of our society were there in our dirigibles, engaging with the invading menace at head height. We let loose with our own weapons: gatling cannons, electroshock projectors, and such, and I want to tell you it was a glorious triumph, but no. It was more than that. Many ships went down, many of we Unwinders upon them, but those who survived discovered so much from our encounters. We were the first to discover the rearguard of Martians remaking our structures. The hubris! They had only just begun their assault, and already they were carving tombstones into the great buildings of New York.

I would like to spare a mention to the red weed at this time. While we span and used all the offensive forces Aether could give us in the skies, we unwound the sprawl of red weed as it made its way up the Hudson and across the streets and surrounding buildings. This was a time when our particular skills were much in supply, and the rewards we earned for our efforts were keen indeed. When you realize the damage done from the red weed in cities like Paris, it’s honestly a miracle we were there to stop it in New York.

For the newly arrived of you, you may be wondering what the red weed is, or what it does, you lucky neophytes. Imagine a mold that saps the heat and life from you. It can drain electricity from a cable, heat from a flame, and oxygen from a body. Some Aethernauts were stupid enough to use it as cover, but I can tell you immersing yourself in that material is tantamount to bathing in sulfuric acid: ill-advised. Unless you’re covered in red weed, in which case it’s worth a try.

The Red Weed Spreads, by Henrique Alvim Corrêa

Yes, New York was the site of our great triumph. While many Aethernauts fought a losing war on the other side of the Atlantic, we wound back the clock on those Martians before they knew what we were doing. It’s my belief that they knew, or correctly hypothesized, the powers of Aether before they arrived, with the exclusion of our unwinding. We have the ace, my friends, and that’s what made us heroes.

You will hear time and again how we could have saved more lives. You’ll be accused of analyzing the enemy when we should have just fought. You’ll be told that Edison’s Unwinders are more interested in filling our pockets in exchange for providing security to the fat and wealthy.

Do not let the words of the unenlightened swarm trouble you, my friends. Where they can only flail in the darkness, screaming their half-truths at us like deranged apes, we can afford the best earplugs money can buy use our mastery of Aether for the good of humanity and leave them to their squalid fumblings at science leave them in blissful ignorance.

From The Speeches of Thomas Alva Edison


Originally published on the Onyx Path website. Tune in next Saturday for Part V.

BACKERS ONLY – Manuscript Preview #4
almost 2 years ago – Fri, Jul 29, 2022 at 03:19:27 AM

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BACKERS ONLY – Manuscript Preview #3
almost 2 years ago – Tue, Jul 26, 2022 at 03:09:01 AM

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Stretch Goals!
almost 2 years ago – Mon, Jul 25, 2022 at 06:49:19 PM

Hello Aethernauts!

Everyone must be pretty flexible, because we've been stretching through Stretch Goals! Let's review where we're at, and what's coming up!

*bzzzt* *bzzt* Firing up the Stretch Goal machine...

UNLOCKED! - At $25,000 in Funding - Trinity Continuum: Aether Reference Screen – A three-panel Storyguide Reference Screen with charts and information for running a game set in an alternate Victorian Age will be created and offered as an Add On to any hardcover reward tiers for +$25.

UNLOCKED! - At $30,000 in Funding - Ready-Made Characters – An assortment of ready-to-play characters for use in Aether will be released as a PDF supplement, providing examples and allowing players to jump right into the action! The Ready-Made Characters PDF will be added to the rewards list of all Kickstarter backers receiving the Trinity Continuum: Aether PDF.

UNLOCKED! - At $35,000 in Funding - Aether Jumpstart – An introductory scenario for Trinity Continuum: Aether will be merged with the Ready-Made Characters and a basic rules overview to upgrade it to a full Trinity Continuum: Aether Jumpstart PDF supplement. The Trinity Continuum: Aether Jumpstart will automatically be added to the rewards list of all Kickstarter backers receiving the Trinity Continuum: Aether PDF.

UNLOCKED! - At $40,000 in Funding - The Aethernaut Collection – A small character folio of famous era-appropriate fictional characters (such as Jekyll/Hyde) with appropriate traits, bios, and Aether powers. All Kickstarter backers receiving the Trinity Continuum: Aether PDF as part of their rewards path will automatically have the The Aethernaut Collection Supplement PDF added to their rewards list.

Celebration attire!

That's pretty amazing! We've unlocked four Stretch Goals so far, and early in the campaign! We've added another Add On option, added some new content with the Ready-Made Character PDF and then transformed it (no Aether needed, just teamwork!) into a full-fledged Jumpstart PDF. And then, most recently, added even more new content by introducing the Aethernaut Collection. And we're just starting with that one!

While we do have expanding our new content rewards ahead on our Stretch Goal track, we also have some smaller celebrations, goals we'll hit along the way to mark milestones and help us rally our group and maintain enthusiasm. Let's see what's up next...

At $43,000 in Funding - Trinity Continuum: Aether T-shirt on Redbubble - An Aether-themed Backer shirt will be hosted on Onyx Path’s Redbubble store for a limited time. Only backers will be notified when the shirt becomes available for purchase.

At $45,000 in Funding - The Aethernaut Collection 2 – The famous fictional character folio PDF will be expanded to include additional characters such as Moriarty and other possible allies and antagonists.

There you have it! A moment ahead to catch our breath and think about expanding our wardrobe, and then back at our next expanded content reward coming on the 5Ks. I'm looking forward to the Aethernaut Collection, and expanding it to include even more "fictional" characters is awesome!

So, let's keep up the good work! Please continue to spread the word, and let's see if we can't add some Moriarty action to our games with another few Stretch Goals!